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Hitman’s Bodyguard - AAA

Study the script and mirror the tone and dialogue of two opposing, strong characters from a Hollywood flick? A writer's dream come true.

For this hot summer release - The Hitman's Bodyguard - Lionsgate and Thinkingbox teamed up to create an experience that simulates the recruitment process of an executive protection agency, the AAA.

The multi-platform experience mirrored the fast-paced, comedic tone of the script. Applicants were tested through a series of interactive questions to gauge their apptitude on safety, discretion, and preparation.

We leveraged the opposing dynamic of the two characters, with the protection agent (Ryan Reynolds) guiding the experience and doing everything by the book, while the notorious hitman (Samuel L. Jackson) comes in unexpectedly and causes (funny) havoc. The experience also had a ChatBot extension on Facebook and Twitter, as well as a GIF content play on Snapchat.

Thinkingbox wanted to make sure the characters of the film were honored and true to their personalities, so I studied the script - read, and read, and re-read, notes on notes, on notes - to understand the language the characters used, their demeanors, and the comedic dynamic between the two lead characters.

This informed the language I used to write the dialogue and the tension that I built throughout the interactive journey. Getting the tone right was important here because of the ChatBot experience on Facebook and Twitter, where we had to embody Ryan Reynold's character, the protection agent, in all of his strict, by-the-book, and dry form.

My role website copywriting, ChatBot scriptwriting, narrative structure breakdown, content strategy.

Brought to you by Thinkingbox and Lionsgate.

My role copywriting, chatbot scriptwriting

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